Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Queer Theology and the Christ Narrative

In the Name of + God who is Creator, Redeemer, and Sustainer...

Part of what makes the Christ narrative so very powerful and timeless is its ability to transcend boundaries and speak meaningfully to all of humanity. Many minorities have found divine strength to move forward in the midst of horrible oppression and hatred because of Jesus's powerful life. When this broken world and its sorrow would tell many to give up, the promise of Jesus and his words tell us to have faith abiding in God's hope.
As a gay man, I often see the story of Our Lord through the lens of gay oppression and homophobia. An artist took this hermeneutical lens, a "queer lens," and applied it to the story of the Christ. It may, at a quick glance, seem unsettling but allow it to speak to you. Allow your eyes to be opened to the reality that Christ is within us all.
Consider the many who have been born into a world of hatred simply because of their skin color, ethnicity, gender, or orientation. Consider the multitudes who have been betrayed, beaten, imprisoned, enslaved, falsely accused, and murdered because they refused to be silenced or enslaved by others. Now consider the strength Christ gives to us to know that resurrection -ultimate freedom- is at hand and promised for all God's children. Consider how a simple artistic representation, such as these, can put the promise of the Gospel into color so that all may be touched by the Spirit. Imagine how a child who has been disowned and hated can find the warmth of God's love in these images knowing that Christ endured as they do and the last word is never death.
With the power of God's unending love we shall overcome and Our Lord's Prayer will be fulfilled: "May it be on earth as it is in heaven."

Peace be with you all...A blessed Lenten journey. 
Fr. Daniel +

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