Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The Diversity of All Creation...

I was asked to briefly answer, "How would you account for the diversity of sexuality in the human condition from a theological viewpoint?" This is my response:
It is ironic to me that the very same people who tend to espouse a literal reading and understanding of Genesis and the action of God in creation also limit the creative capabilities of such a God. I believe that nature itself bears witness to the diversity with which God creates and establishes life. To date the scientific community has identified nearly 2 million different species on earth but they estimate there is the possibility for 100 million different species in total. If God, is so merciful and giving, to create (or allow to evolve) literally millions of differing species, why do so many try to categorize the human species or family into only two categories: namely cisgender straight males and cisgender straight females. Does not nature, our Mother Earth, reflect the whimsical and playful nature of an unbridled God that encourages a multiplicity of all manner of life? Approximately 1,500 species have been observed engaging in some form of same-sex activity according to data. Why do we then look down on those of the human species who envelop their uniquely God-given diversity and embrace the fullness of their gender and sexuality? The diversity of all creation displays for us a beautiful fluidity of life that cannot (should not) be controlled but rather is to be cherished and viewed, in God's own words, as "good." Should not God's greatest creation, human beings, the ones made in God's very own image, also reflect such diversity? Those who seek to minister in the name of God have no choice but to rejoice in the beauty of creation and this contains all God's vibrant children (images), including those who identify, or find home, with the LGBT community.

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