Monday, May 12, 2014

Litany of Praise & Prayer of Blessed Women from Our Sacred Texts

This has been modified from a litany originally found here

Let us take a moment to reflect on the very human but very amazing women revealed to us in our sacred texts. May we be encouraged to love as they loved. May our prayers to God encourage us to action and not thought alone.

Eve, our figurative first mother: Thank you for stepping out and being the first to attempt to understand and explore the complexities of life.

God, may we be bold enough to step out in our lives. We might make mistakes but you have called us to live and we cannot do this hiding away in fear or darkness. Forgive us for the mistakes we will make and bless our leaps of faith.

Sarah, Hannah and Elizabeth, women of faith and perseverance: Thank you for your patience and courage in waiting for a miracle.

God, may all people longing for children be strengthened by these stories and comforted in their pain. May those who are called find the strength to seek out children who are in need of adoption.

Hagar, a mother despised who loved her child dearly: Thank you for your resolve in the face of exile. You never ceased to keep living.

God, may all mothers who are forced to flee or are forgotten be given hope in you. Help us to offer hope and peace to young mothers who are often forgotten by others. We pray also for children who must flee their homes because they are no longer inviting or safe.

Rebecca, a mother whose life was rarely simple: Thank you for your flexibility, thank you for listening to God’s leading.

God, let us remember all parents who have to raise their children in a different country or far from their relatives and who feel isolated. May we become family to those who are far from their homelands.

Rachel, a mother who understands sorrow: You carried the burden of grief and wept for your children. You know the pain of loss and death.

God, hold the hands of all those mothers and fathers who weep for their children – children who have gone missing, who have died or are lost to them in other ways. Help those children who are forced to mourn the death of their parents.

Jochebed, who found a home of safety for Moses: You used wisdom and insight to protect your children. You never gave up on them.

God, give to all parents this same wisdom and insight in the bringing up of their children, especially in vulnerable times. Help us to bring rescue and safety to those children who are in danger or forgotten by their own families.

Naomi and Ruth, women who shared a sacred bond of love: You demonstrated that love could conquer all trials. You cherished the bond of family.

God, help all parents to love constantly when life seems impossible and despair weighs hard upon their souls. Help those mothers and fathers who have forgotten their bond of love to return to their children. Help children to return to their parents when the door is opened. May the pain that so many families feel due to the complexities and trials of life be healed by your sacred and motherly touch.

Mary, the mother of Jesus, the mother of light: You said, “yes,” to God and changed the world for the last 2,000 years. Thank you Blessed Mary for sheltering the Holy One all those years ago, for your faithful love and tender care of God’s most precious child, Jesus.

God, may we never forget that in your giving is our greatest receiving. You gave to us the gift of life, wrapped in a manger and in a tomb. May we know the true cost of relationship by holding our faith in God’s Love deep within our hearts as Mary once held God’s Love in her arms. May we then hold others in our hearts and arms, bringing hope and light to the entire world.

We thank you for all mothers, seen and unseen. We thank you for all women who are mothers simply by their gift of generosity shown to those in need. We celebrate your gift of women, O God, and praise you for endless ways they reveal yourself to us!   Amen.

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