Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A Holy Wednesday Reflection

Today as we reflect on the betrayal of Christ by Judas it is often easy to elevate ourselves believing we would never commit such an atrocity. The reality is that we do commit such atrocities and often.

Have we ever literally exchanged money for another's assassination - doubtful. However, each time we are silent in the midst of another's abuse or ignore a hurting person we have betrayed them with our lack of words. Each time we pass by someone fearing to look upon them, we have betrayed them with judgement rather than honoring them with love.

We all have been Judas at different times in our lives. Sadly, we will likely be again. Our God-given task is to see this less and less and rather become more full of the Divine Love which honors all as Christ and betrays none. You don't have to kiss and receive 30 pieces of silver to hurt another. You might simply be quiet or look the other way. Choose this Wednesday of Holy Week to do so no longer. Rather become as Christ who heals those who wish to hurt him and calls us all to put down the sword and pick up the gift of Love.

Let us become the woman who humbles herself to wipe the feet of Christ with perfume and tears. Will we do this for Christ, the Christ who is in everyone we meet? Yes, even our enemies are icons of Christ and we are called not to betray them but rather to bow down before them.

Peace be with you!

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