Tuesday, September 11, 2012

September 11th...A Prayer, and The Personal Religious Effect

"God you weep with us, in us, and through us. May we be your hands of love & your voice of comfort to the one we see mourning today. For we truly are one in You, inseparable and linked to each other in life and death. May the memory of our fallen heroes, neighbors, loved ones, and those we must forgive: live forever in our consciousness by means of Your grace which surpasses understanding and measure."
Below is a personal short commentary on how the tragedy of September 11th introduced for me personally a state of religious and spiritual confusion due to my background firmly rooted in literal Biblical interpretation and fundamentalist belief. Thankfully today, I have found true freedom in the one I call Lord and no longer find it necessary to place a label on anyone who died on that awful day or point fingers. Rather I weep as Jesus did on the Jerusalem mount and trust the Divine holds us all in his hand each and everyday and not a single one perishes, even those who were confused and separated themselves from humankind decency. The loss of any life is a tragedy for all of mankind, to think any less is to become less than human and to ignore the stamp of Divine found within us all.

The tragedy of September 11th came only 5 days before my 18th birthday and would ultimately be much more of a defining moment than I ever could have imagined as tears and confusion crept in. Coming from a fundamentalist Christian background it took little time for the debate to arise within: was this God’s doing or ‘divine allowing’ for the ‘sins’ of our nation? Ironically, I would be ordained 5 days later to a conservative Christian ministry and spend the next 10 years battling within myself the idea of a God who would condone destruction, death, and hatred. Thankfully 11 years later I have left that world of confusion behind in order to truly embrace and minister to all the words of Jesus: Love your neighbor as yourself. I now serve a God who is the source of all love and in whom all those who lost their lives now find repose.

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